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Main Statehouse Phone Number: (617) 722-2000

To identify your legislator, you can search by street address, and then you may contact the office by phone. This information can be found here:

If you cannot call, sign this petition, and send a note directly to your Massachusetts representatives. Oxfam America is hosting the petition site and connecting you directly with your representatives: 

Dear [Senator/Representative XX},

As your constituent, I’m writing to ask you to do more to help vulnerable communities around the world adapt to the impacts of climate change. I’m urging you to vote YES on Senate Bill 2232 (S.1602) and House Bill 2414 (H.2414) to allow taxpayers in Massachusetts to do more to support communities battling climate change.
The benefits of the bill are clear:

First, it helps the world’s most vulnerable. All funds raised through this bill will go to a special United Nations fund singularly focused on supporting communities most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and who have the least resources to protect themselves. In the wake of devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean and deadly monsoons in Bangladesh, the time to act is now. 

Second, it shows support for the Paris Climate Agreement. This bill takes a stand against President Trump’s anti-climate agenda, and sends a message of hope to the international community that the American people are committed to climate action and the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Finally, it encourages my fellow Massachusetts residents to make a global impact. Climate change is a global challenge that requires individual solutions. While President Trump promotes an “America Only” agenda, this bill provides Massachusetts an easily accessible opportunity to take global action and to make a difference in the lives of those most affected by climate change. 

I ask that you show your support for S. 1602/H.2414 and vote YES on the legislation.

Thank you.



Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

24 Beacon St

Boston, MA 02133